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Semi Tempered Glass(Heat Strengthened Glass)

The processing principle of heat strengthened glass is similar to that of tempered class. Its heating temperature is a little lower than that for tempered glass. Besides, its cooling speed is low just like that of tempered glass. The only difference between such glass and tempered glass is that: its strength is lower than that of tempered glass, about twice that of common glass. However, like annealed glass, its pieces (when broken) are large in size. Thus, it can’t be used as safety glass. The bending of heat strengthened glass is smaller than that of tempered glass and the thermo stability of heat strengthened glass is much better than that of annealed glass. 


As heat strengthened glass does not explode by itself, it is widely used in glass curtain walls, greenhouses, partitions and decoration industry.



?Max. size:2850mm x 5000mm

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