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Screen printing glass

Screen-printed glass is a kind of stencil glass, which is stable, non-fading and varies in patterns. It is made by printing patterns onto glass through a specially designed screen board and heating the paint into the glass surface through a tempering furnace.


1. Building exterior wall glass

2. Window Glass for Shops, Residences, Schools, etc.

3. Interior compartment pattern glass

4. Furniture and process glass

5. Indoor anti-skid floor and staircase board (need to be specified beforehand)


1. Thickness: 4-19 mm

2. Maximum size: 2000mm x 3500mm

3. Patterns: Point, mesh, line, stone and other diversification can be discussed in advance according to the design needs.


1. Diversification of colour and lustre and multi-choice of patterns

Screen-printed glass has a variety of colors and patterns. It can also customize patterns according to the needs of designers to create unique space design.

2. anti glare

Screen-printed glass can reduce glare due to local printing.

3. Mitigate the strong sunlight from the sun or direct sunlight

Screen-printed glass, due to sequential local printing, has a moderating effect on sunshine or direct sunshine.

4. security

The strength and safety of screen-printed glass increased after tempering treatment.

5. Durability, Wear Resistance and Humidity Resistance

Screen-printed glass has more durability, wear resistance and moisture resistance than ordinary color-printed glass.

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